About Us

       We established AGROWORK INTERNATIONAL in 2019 with the "vision" of becoming a leading and preferred brand in the sector that can deliver its products to every corner of the world and that people can use with confidence to grow their crops. 

    AGROWORK INTERNATIONAL closely follows the R&D studies being carried out at the international level as well as the R&D and P&D studies it manages itself. We contribute to these studies in the areas we are interested in. We lead the agricultural sector in developing innovative products and supplying special products from around the world and offering them to our farmers. 

    We take care to communicate with our team, business partners and customers in a fast, clear and open language. We always strive to "be the best". In this way, we create the foundations of a working environment based on trust and respect. We believe that being "fair" to everyone is the cornerstone of our "corporate success". 

    By using the unifying effect of sports and education, we contribute to adding value to society, making positive changes in people's lives and building a fairer, healthier and more conscious society. Our company's social responsibility vision is not only a corporate commitment, but also a value that all our employees and stakeholders embrace and put forward. 

    We have made it our "mission" to support sustainable agriculture and the protection and development of the natural environment for future generations, thus benefiting humanity.

About Us
About Us

Carrying world agriculture into the future...

    Agriculture is one of our greatest values. To further strengthen our love for people and agriculture, we founded the Agrowork International family. We call it AWI for short.


    We understand the language of the plant and the soil. We demonstrate our expertise in the field of special fertilizers that will carry the country's and the world's agriculture into the future. We continue to develop AWI. For this, we have embraced our work by keeping our excitement at the highest level since our establishment. We produce products that support sustainable agriculture that plants and soil need in the field of special fertilizers. Our journey, which started in Anatolia, continues to grow with our Istanbul office and the company we established in Germany. In the near future, we will open new offices in the Far East and America.

In line with our big goals, we cooperate with international companies and design products with special formulations.

 AWI quality all over the world... 

We did not stop; we invited the best professional names of different sectors to this world of the future. By researching and developing together, we reached a production capacity of 60,000 tons of powder and 20,000 tons of liquid plant nutrition products in the first stage.

We did not sit We always continued to improve and provide direction. We started to exceed borders so that the value we created would be an example to the whole world.

We didn't say okayFor sustainable agriculture; We reach every city and district, adding confidence to the future of Turkish agriculture. We provide training to our farmers through R&D and P&D studies, and further expand and strengthen the use of special fertilizers.

We are at every stage of agriculture. The seed meets us before the soil and we stand by it until it gives its first harvest. Because every plant, every soil is special. If you understand the language of nature, you will achieve quality productivity. Acting with this philosophy, we instill the happiness we create in our own family into the agricultural world.

We are on a special journey that will transform Anatolian agriculture into world agriculture. We are just at the beginning of this path we are following. We are moving forward by developing the ideas and technology that will create the future of agriculture.

"We are waiting for you as a hero of this story." 

About Us